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Submit Your ​Recommendation


Procedure 程序


  1. Register your secondary school in the Scheme through the Academy's system.  Registration is to be done by the school principal or his/her delegate.  There is only one registration account for each secondary school.

  2. Complete the "Recommendation Form" as guided in the system.  The school principal or his/her delegate should only indicate which School the student will be recommended to apply for.  The completed form will be converted into a pdf file with a recommendation code via the registered email for printing.  Please sign and stamp the pdf form with an official school chop and pass it to the student concerned for uploading to The Academy's online application system.  The student should clearly indicate the particular major(s) offered by the School he/she recommended to apply for.

  3. Please upload the Principal's recommendation statement directly onto the system.  There is no need to pass the confidential statement to the student concerned.​

The application for the Scheme deadline each year is the same as our application deadline for students.  For information and updates on the deadlines each year, please refer to the Admission News.

  1. 首先,通過學院本計劃的電腦系統登記。登記須由中學校長或其代理人處理,每間中學只限登記一個帳號。

  2. 請按本計劃的電腦系統指示填寫「推薦表格」​。中學校長或其代理人只需填寫推薦同學報讀哪一學院。完成後,該表格將會自動安排推薦編號,轉換成為PDF檔案,郵奇至已登記的電郵地址。請列印表格,簽署及蓋上學校印章後,再轉交予獲推薦同學經學院網上報名系統上傳資料,同學在報名時,需要填寫清楚考慮修讀被推薦學院的主修科目。

  3. 至於校長推薦信,請直接上載至本計劃的電腦系統,無須轉交獲推薦同學。




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