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Identify Talents for Dance



The School of Dance is committed to offer not only the highest quality professional education and training, but also help students develop a broader interest in the arts and cultural studies, appreciate the relationship of dance to the wider world around them, embrace developments in dance science and technology, equip with entrepreneurism, and be articulate and intelligent advocates for their art form.  Our undergraduate programme will prepare students for entering the industry with different portfolios and develop a lifelong and sustainable career.


Students who are talented in dance, like to express themselves through body movements, and are passionate about dance are welcome to apply to the two majors available within the School's undergraduate programme.   Students who wish to major in Dance Performance can choose among three specialisations: Ballet, Chinese Dance, or Contemporary Dance.   For major in Choreography, students will acquire comprehensive dance knowledge in Years 1 and 2 and will then focus specifically on choreography-related courses in Years 3 and 4.

Please see the information about the trainings and abilities that the applicants should possess.  In addition, the learning experience from secondary schools, extra-curricular trainings and other relevant experiences that our successful applicants obtained prior to their admission is also provided for reference. 


舞蹈學院致力提供最高質素的舞蹈表演及編舞專業教育和訓練,同時幫助學員開拓對藝術和文化研究的興趣,讓他們明白舞蹈與周邊世界的關係、 接觸有關舞蹈科學及科技的發展、裝備自己成為企業家、並能清晰而睿智地提倡舞蹈藝術。學院的學士學位課程將裝備同學以不同職能進入行業,同時建立終生及可持續的事業。


歡迎富有舞蹈才能、喜歡以肢體動作表達自己、以及對舞蹈充滿熱誠的同學申請報讀學院的兩個主修學士學位課程。有意主修舞蹈表演的同學可以選擇以下三個專修科目:芭蕾舞、中國舞或現代舞。 選擇主修編舞的學生,於一年級及二年級先接受綜合舞蹈知識培訓,並在三年級及四年級專注修讀編舞相關的課程。



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Major in Dance



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Major in




Who should be recommended?


  • Have talent and strong passion in dance

  • Like to express themselves through body movements

  • Have ​proficient dance training and basic improvisational skills

Relevant learning experiences and trainings

Learning experiences/ interest groups in secondary school

  • DSE ApL - Taking a Chance on Dance

  • Dance Club

Extra-curricular trainings/ performance experiences​​

  • Dance (e.g. Ballet, Chinese dance, Jazz dance, Street dance, etc.)

List of training providers​

Other experiences, competitions and awards

  • Schools Dance Festival

  • HKCC Hong Kong Youth & Children Dance Competition

and other local or non-local related competitions or performance experience

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  • 具有舞蹈天份及對舞蹈有濃厚興趣

  • 喜歡以肢體動作表達自己

  • 有高水平的舞蹈訓練及基本即興創作技巧




  • DSE 應用學習 – 舞出新機 – 舞蹈藝術

  • 舞蹈學會



  • 舞蹈(例如:芭蕾舞、中國舞、爵士舞、街舞等)





  • 學校舞蹈節

  • HKCC 全港兒童及青少年舞蹈大賽



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