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Identify Talents for Film & Television


The School of Film and Television BFA Film and Television (Honours) programme is designed to develop high-level film, television and screen production practices, and to nurture creative and artistic skills.  The primary objective is to prepare students for entry to a variety of creative, technical and professional careers.  The school places emphasis upon developing the whole student ensuring each student graduates with broad experience and knowledge.  The curriculum allows every student to learn all screen production roles in the early years then gradually focus upon major study courses in the later years. The emphasis is upon learning through doing.  Students make screen productions as exercises and projects during every semester often working in small creative teams.  Our programme is intensive and challenging.  Contextual and complementary courses are required and a range of elective courses allow students to explore interdisciplinary or supplemental areas of interest. 


The School is also internationally recognised as a certified AVID Learning Partner (ALP) institution.  AVID certified Instructors are qualified to train students as certified AVID Operators in state-of-the-art digital screen post-production facilities providing employable real-world skills for students.


There are seven major studies offered in the School's undergraduate programme.  All students also study screen theory and history courses, and a range of optional elective courses.

Applications are especially welcome from those who are interested in film and television production, or have prior experience in the study areas mentioned above, or who can clearly demonstrate and articulate their enthusiasm and prior interests or practice in screen creation.  Those interested in stories and visual storytelling, digital design and animation, games creation, drawing, or social media content creation (such as vlogs or podcasts) would also benefit from our BFA programme. 

Please see the information below for identifying relevant prior training and abilities that prospective applicants may possess. These are not requirements but serve as a guide only.  Also, learning experiences gained from secondary schools, or extra-curricular learning or activities or other relevant experiences are drawn from previous successful applications and listed out for your reference.  Those who are interested in communicating with audio or visual media are also welcomed to apply to this degree programme.



學院獲得AVID Learning Partner (ALP)的國際認證,導師亦具AVID專業資格並以擁有尖端科技進行後期製作的豐富經驗,可培訓學員成為獲認證的AVID專才,增強就業能力。




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Major in Creative Producing


Video Editing Timeline

Major in



Writing with Pen

Major in



Sound Equipment

Major in Sound
Recording & Design



Major in



Cyborg with Gas Mask

Major in Digital
Screen Design



Major in



Who should be recommended?

  • Be interested in film and television production

  • Be able to clearly demonstrate and articulate their enthusiasm and prior interests in screen creation

  • Have experience or practice in the study areas mentioned above

Relevant learning experiences or practices

Learning experiences/ interest groups in secondary school

  • DSE Elective – Chinese Literature

  • DSE Elective – Visual Arts

  • DSE ApL – Computer Game and Animation Design

  • DSE ApL – Digital Comic Design and Production

  • DSE ApL – Digital Media and Radio Production

  • DSE ApL – Film and Transmedia

  • DSE ApL – Multimedia Storytelling

  • Campus television broadcast

Extra-curricular trainings/ production experiences

  • Creative writing

  • Short video or micro-film production

  • Creative multimedia/ Digital animation production

List of training providers:

  • HKAPA EXCEL (Extension and Continuing Education for Life)

  • Clap @ MCube by Hong Kong Christian Service

  • Hong Kong Jockey Club Media 21 (M21) by Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG)

  • Joint School Drama Production 

  • Hong Kong Film Archive

  • Adbrownies Advertising 

  • East Eighteen 

  • Welkin Computer Training


Other experiences, competitions and awards

  • HK Youth Cultural and Arts Competition (Chinese Story Writing/ Chinese Essay Writing)

  • National Essay Writing Competition (Hong Kong)

  • SCHOLAR Hong Kong Creative Writing Competition

  • Hong Kong Youth Cultural and Arts Competition (Photography)

  • YMCA Hong Kong Secondary School Mini-Movie Competition

  • HKFYG M21 Hong Kong Reading Competition

  • Happy Bird Animated Story Competition

  • FIlmit - A Student Film Competition by Education Bureau

  • ifva Awards by the Hong Kong Arts Centre

  • 48 Hour Film Project


and other local or non-local related competitions or production experience

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  • 嚮往影視製作

  • 能夠清晰及具體表達自己對影視創作的興趣及熱情

  • 有實踐上述學習範疇的經驗




  • DSE 選修 – 中國文學

  • DSE 選修 – 視覺藝術

  • DSE 應用學習 – 電腦遊戲及動畫設計

  • DSE 應用學習 – 數碼漫畫設計及製作

  • DSE 應用學習 – 數碼媒體及電台製作

  • DSE 應用學習 – 電影及超媒體

  • DSE 應用學習 – 多媒體故事

  • 校園電視台


  • 創意寫作

  • 短片或微電影製作

  • 創意多媒體/電腦動畫製作



  • 演藝進修學院

  • 攝道人(香港基督教服務處)

  • 香港青年協會賽馬會Media 21媒體空間

  • 聯校製作

  • 香港電影資料館

  • Adbrownies Advertising

  • 東十八

  • Welkin Computer Training

其他經驗 、比賽和獎項

  • 全港青年學藝比賽大會(中文故事創作/中文寫作)

  • 中國中學生作文大賽(香港賽區)

  • 語常會全港即興創意寫作比賽

  • 全港青年學藝比賽大會(攝影)

  • YMCA全港中學微電影創作大賽

  • 香港青年協會M21全港校園導讀比賽  

  • 快樂鳥故事動畫設計大賽

  • 教育局Filmit 學生短片創作大賽

  • 香港藝術中心ifva 獨立短片及影像媒體比賽

  • 48小時影片拍攝計劃




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